Tony van Hasselt watercolor painting

Tony van Hasselt

Watercolor in Nature's Studio

Jul. 9 - 15, 2017

Medium: Watercolor

Level: All Levels

5-Day Outdoor/Indoor Class

Rates & Enrollment

This workshop is for anyone who likes to draw, has some watercolor experience and enjoys the outdoors.

Tony van Hasselt, A.W.S. teaches an exciting plein air watercolor workshop at inspiring locations in the area.  He starts with a logical approach to painting on location and rendering a watercolor in the traditional manner. Then each day you'll be exposed to more creative and fun possibilities, adding the charm of vignettes and calligraphy. Indoor sessions explore underpainting techniques as well as an introduction to adding incidental figures to the landscape.

Tony's primary focus is on the art of picture making, composition and design, applicable in any medium. Demonstrations are in watercolor but students using acrylics are welcome. For studio painters, this plein air workshop can serve as an introduction to working on location, while finishing touches may be added in a studio environment.
The first day starts with a morning demonstration which covers:

• Acquiring logical outdoor working methods 
• Selecting a paintable subject
• Doing a 15 minute planning sketch
• Approaching the subject in an organized manner.

After the demonstration, students are encouraged to find their own subject nearby, while Tony offers lots of individual assistance throughout the painting day.

During group critiques, Tony not only discusses how an effort can be improved, he often shows how those suggestions will affect your work, by painting them on clear acetate placed over the watercolor. Your own work remains untouched.

In addition, van Hasselt uses diagrams which visually explain painting principles. Soon they line the walls and you'll have the opportunity to photograph them. Photography is also encouraged during demos and critiques, so you will have a record to refer to when back in your own studio environment.

Van Hasselt firmly believes that artists are visually oriented and learn visually. He designed The Building Blocks of Painting, a visual reminder system designed to keep you on track during the painting process. Afterwards, used as a checklist, it can then be used to locate and analyze problem areas to be resolved.  This system is fully explained in The Watercolor fix-it Book as well as the Building block DVD.

Tony van Hasselt waterolor painting
Tony van Hasselt watercolor painting

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