Ted Nuttall watercolor painting

Ted Nuttall


Painting the Figure from Photographs: Lessons in Seeing and Editing

July 10 - 16, 2016

Medium: Watercolor

Level: All Levels

5-Day Studio Class

Though often viewed as intimidating and challenging, painting the figure can be just as approachable as a still life or landscape and brings with its accomplishment a unique satisfaction and reward.  Ted will discuss the pitfalls and plusses of painting from photographic reference as well as how to achieve spontaneity, character and life in your paintings.  Class will include daily demonstrations and one-on-one interaction with class members.  As he shares his approach to figure and specific techniques he uses to bring excitement to his work, you will find your paintings taking on a new life and you will have great fun in the process.

Ted Nuttall is a signature member of A.W.S., N.W.S., the Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Watercolor West and Western Federation of Watercolor Societies.  He is a figurative watercolorist whose painting expression was born out of his observation of people, his experiences and travels as a youth in a career Air Force family and a twenty-five year career in graphic design.  Ted is the quintessential people watcher, a habit that has engendered an intuitive ability to capture in his paintings the quiet, underlying character of his subjects.  His work continues to win awards in juried exhibitions and his workshops and classes have benefited many through his personal and insightful instruction. 

Ted Nuttall painting Ted Nuttall watercolor painting
Ted Nuttall watercolor portrait

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