mixed media painting by Skip Lawrence

Skip Lawrence


Artistic Exploration

October 4 - 10, 2015

Medium: Watermedia

Level: Intermediate and Advanced

5-Day Studio Class

Join this 5-day mentorship with Skip Lawrence to take your art, your ideas to the next level.

Skip Lawrence describes the workshop this way:

I am more convinced than ever that what keeps us from making our best art, having the most fun, being the most proud of our work, is that we are trying to make a good painting. While what we should be doing is just making a painting. Making a painting without traditional judgements, rules, and the need for acceptance. History shows us that the great artists are never the followers and always the leaders, those that don't give a damn about joining the clubs of conformists.

For years I have instructed in a traditional workshop format. For many of my workshops this is appropriate and the best was of sharing ideas and techniques and hopefully moving peopel along to a better place with their art. Most of you are well beyond this group instruction. So this year I will conduct the workshop as a masters class. This means a lot more one-on-one conversations about your ideas and the techniques you will use to deliver your thoughts. Less about "show and tell" and more about questions and answers.

In preparing for this workshop I ask yo uto spend some time organizing your thoughts and agenda. Ask yourself honestly:

  • For whom am i painting (who is my audience)?
  • Why do i paint?
  • how can i make my work express my ideas? What is uniquely mine and how can I further develop personaly content?
  • What brings me the greatest pleasure in painting?

There are no wrong answers to these questions as long as the answers are honest. While your evolving ideas may require new materials, let's not make this a technique and materials class. Ideas, experimentation, exploration and a willingness to fail will make your work exciting, rewarding, evocative, and most of all, yours.


mixed media painting by Skip Lawrence

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