Paul George

Paul George

Studio Watercolors

May 30 - June 2, 2013

Medium: Watercolor
Level: All Levels

3-Day Studio/Outdoor Class

Award winning artist Paul George’s workshops are loaded with great information and are motivating for both the beginner and the experienced painter. You will paint from photos, or in good weather, plein aire, but Paul's focus is to teach you how to approach any subject and design and execute a good painting. You’ll begin with a complete look at values and how to use them to simplify, design and improve your painting. Next you will move into the exciting world of color and explore the reasons why watercolor of all the mediums comes alive and how to use this for more exciting paintings.

Design and composition of your painting is the most important factor and you will learn how to simplify, understand and use design to add power and punch to your paintings. Paul will support each subject with talks, painting demonstrations and with personal one on one support and a complete critique each afternoon. It is an exciting and motivating workshop.

“ He is one of those rare individuals that not only a good painter but a committed and creative teacher as well.” International Magazine 2007

Paul George painting

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