Paul George watercolor painting

Paul George

Watercolor Landscapes & Still Life

Jul. 5 - 9, 2017

Medium: Watercolor
Level: All Levels

3-Day Studio/Outdoor Class

This three day watercolor workshop is loaded with great information. It is perfect for the beginner or if you have been painting for a while you will be amazed by how much you loosen up and what you learn.

You will paint plein-air (weather permitting) and in the studio as well. Paul likes to do at least two paintings each day, a paint-a-long where you will paint each step with him as he explains what he is thinking, color choice and mix, composition and design etc. and one on your own where Paul can guide you and work with you. Each day ends with a look and critique of all the paintings. Paul's focus is not to show you how well he can paint but to teach you how to put together a good painting. You will cover composition and design, and shape ,value and color.

“ Paul is one of those rare individuals that not only a good painter but a committed and creative teacher as well.” International Magazine 2007

Paul George watercolor painting
Paul George watercolor painting
Paul George watercolor painting
Paul George watecolor painting

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