Mary Alice Braukman

Mary Alice Braukman
Watermedia, Assemblage, Collage

Personal Painting . . . Make Your Art Sing with Energy

May 5 - 11, 2013

Medium: Watermedia and Experimental Media

Level: Intermediate and Advanced

5-Day Studio Class

Mary Alice Braukman’s workshops are always changing with her continual study of "what if's" when using new mediums. “As a watermedia artist, my life experiences become filtered in my eye, mind, and heart. They are then transformed into my paintings. My paintings are of a myriad of techniques – I am not afraid of color or texture. I want the viewer to crawl into my work and walk through each step of motion or intensity or serenity.”

This class is designed for the intermediate and advanced students who wish to strengthen their compositions and take that next important step.

Think about what your objectives are in your art. Mary Alice suggests that you bring three pieces or photographs of your past work (not necessarily your most recent, but what represents your work.) As a group you will critique and discuss the next passage.

When you improve your design, you make a stronger statement. Technique improves with practice. You will work with mixed watermedia, collage, and transfers, while exploring new combinations and applications.

You will strive to be more intuitive and better achieve self-expression.

Mary Alice Braukman’s work is featured in several articles: the 20th Anniversary Issue of American Artist Watercolor Magazine: "20 Great Watercolor Teachers offer Their Best Recommendations" Fall 2006, Summer issue in an article covering water-based painting, "Mary Alice Braukman on Acrylics." She was also the guest editor and was featured in Watercolor Winter 2001 -- Special Issue of Experimental Approaches to Water Media.


Mary Alice Braukman

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