Margaret Evans pastel painting

Margaret Evans

Versatility of Wet and Dry Pastels

August 18 - 21, 2012

Medium: Pastel

Level: All Levels
3-Day Outdoor/Studio Class

Margaret Evans is one of the UK's leading art instructors. She is a fully qualified graduate of Glasgow School of Art, DA, and teaching graduate of London University, ATC. Renowned for her pastel work she also teaches watercolors, oils and other media. Margaret has written articles for mainstream art magazines in Britain and other counties, and she is the author of Painting Figures & Animals With Confidence, Flowers in Pastel  & 30-minute Pastels, and filmed many teaching dvd’s, available on Sky TV & artistsnetwork,tv

In this workshop, Margaret shows the versatility of pastels as a serious painting medium.  She will demonstrate the sketching quality of the medium, & also the intensity of colour when mixed with other media to paint substantial  painterly techniques.  In the studio you will learn about the wide range of pastel brands & their uses, as well as how to work on paintings from the information collected plein air.  Margaret will demonstrate on location in pen/wash, watercolor,& pastels, and in studio with oil and/or gouache with pastels.  A mass of information and techniques crammed into 3 hard working days!

Margaret Evans pastel painting
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