Margaret Evans pastel landscape

Margaret Evans

More Pastels Unleashed!

August 7 - 13, 2016

Medium: Pastel

Level: All Levels

5-Day Outdoor Class

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This workshop will not only introduce newcomers to the exciting world of Pastels, but help those who work already in this wonderful versatile medium, to expand their knowledge, techniques & styles. Wet & dry pastels, studio & plein-air work, on their own, or with watercolours, gouache, acrylics and/or oils

In the studio you will learn about the wide range of pastel brands & their uses, adapting photographs creatively to inspire, as well as working on paintings from sketches collected plein air.  Margaret will demonstrate on location in pen/wash, watercolor,& pastels, and in studio with oils and/or gouache with pastels. 

A mass of information and techniques crammed into 5 blissful hard working days!
Bring any pastels brands you have, other media you like to work with & masking tape, photos/sketches of other subjects you like, brushes etc sketching easel & stool for outdoor work, sense of humour & open mind to try NEW ideas!

Art Spectrum will generously provide some pastel paper samples to each student enrolled in Margaret's workshop.

Margaret Evans is one of the UK's leading art instructors, and is a fully qualified graduate of Glasgow School of Art, DA, and teaching graduate of London University, ATC. Margaret is a Signature member of PSA, Pastel Artists of Canada, Art du Pastel en France & LAI.

Renowned for her pastel work she also teaches watercolors, oils and other media. Margaret has written articles for mainstream art magazines worldwide, and is the author of Painting Figures & Animals With Confidence, Flowers in Pastel & 30-minute Pastels, and filmed many teaching dvd’s, available on Sky TV, Youtube & artistsnetwork,tv. Her latest book “Pastels Unleashed” by Search Press inspired the contents of her last workshop at HRV, and now she is expanding the possibilities & ever-changing face of pastel painting.

Margaret will show the versatility and excitement of pastels as a painting medium, & demonstrate their sketching qualities, as well as their intensity of colour when mixed with other media for painterly techniques. 

Margaret Evans pastel landscape
Margaret Evans pastel landscape

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