Lorenzo Chavez painting

Lorenzo Chavez


Painting Appealing Landscapes from Life

Sep. 9 - 15, 2018

Medium: Pastel or Oil

Level: All Levels

5-Day Outdoor/Studio Class

Rates & Enrollment

In this Landscape Painting from Life workshop, the major elements of plein air landscape painting will be discussed and applied such as dark/light design, focal point, natural color in light, simplification, composition and emotional involvement. Attention will be given to the use of materials (oil and pastel), the differences between a sketch and a study and how this plein air information might be use for work in the studio.

There will be daily demonstrations of small “on the spot” pastel and oil paintings along with personal critiques and reviews of topics from the previous day. Students are asked to bring photographic reference and/or sketches for indoor use in the case of inclement weather. The workshop will be conducted between the hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and possibly longer to paint late evening light or sunsets.

Lorenzo Chavez was born and raised in New Mexico. His first inspirations and foundation as a young artist were formed by the local landscape and the art history in New Mexico. Lorenzo now makes his home in Parker, Colorado and uses this location as a base to travel and paint the American West and Southwest. Lorenzo enjoys painting in both pastel and oil. He participates in several national invitational and International group exhibitions and has won major awards including the Pastel Society of America in New York; His work has been chosen to represent PSA in the Butler Art Museum, Ohio. Pastel Society of Spain, Pastel Society of France, Artists of America Show in Denver, Rims to Ruins Exhibition, Plein Air Painters of America, Buffalo Bill Center for the West, Albuquerque Art Museum, Maynard Dixon Country, 100 Gold Medal Exhibition at The Pasadena Art Museum, The Brinton Museum, Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, The Brinton Museum, Coors Show in Denver, Butler Art Museum, Laguna Art Museum, Gilcrease Museum, Steamboat Art Museum. Legacy Gallery, Cape Cod Art Museum, Blue Rain Gallery Santa Fe, Helena Fox Fine Art Settlers West Gallery, Howard Manville Gallery, Gallery of the Southwest, Trailside Galleries. He was featured in a successful one-man show at the C.M. Russell Museum and has participated successfully in several C.M. Russell Art Auctions.

Feature articles have appeared in Southwest Art, Art of the West, American Artist Magazine, Plein Air Magazine, Artists Magazine, Western Art Review, American Art Review, Pastel Journal, and Denver Post. Eight new books feature his art: Les Mitres de Art France, Painted Sky, Art Journey America Landscapes, Colorado Landscapes, and Pure Color: The Best of Pastel 1 &2 and Plein Air New Mexico. Lorenzo is a nationally known Fine Art instructor who has taught numerous workshops across the United States since 1993. Lorenzo is represented by many major fine art galleries and many private and corporate collections both nationally and internationally.

Lorenzo is active member of the, Plein Air Painters of America, Northwest Rendezvous of Art, California Art Club-Signature Member, Plein Air Painters of New Mexico, Master Signature Member of the Plein Air Painters of Colorado, Pastel Society of Spain and the American Impressionist Society- Signature Member.

Lorenzo Chavez painting
Lorenzo Chavez artist
Lorenzo Chavez painting
Lorenzo Chavez painting

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