Liz Kenyon pastel painting

Liz Kenyon

Loose and Vibrant Soft Pastel Painting

June 18 - 24, 2017

Medium: Pastel
Level: All Levels
5-Day Studio Class

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Expand your personal color horizons to create compelling paintings with vibrant, easily-applied soft pastels. Students learn how to use underpainting and a variety of loose techniques to bring new excitement and energy to their work.

In addition to composition and basic technique, you explore fabric and other surface textures as well as a landscape session. You’ll learn to instantly layer countless colors that keep your creativity flowing. Change a hue with ease, mixing directly on a sanded surface. Learn to blend, scumble, and layer using traditional pastel painting techniques. Apply luminous patches of pigment next to rich neutrals to focus interest and retain depth. Reflect, illuminate, and bounce colors from object to object.

Daily demonstrations and slideshows emphasize three topics: PAINTERLY PERSPECTIVE, a method of controlling focus using hardened and softened edges; MOOD-MAKING and the role of light in painting; COLOR COMPOSITION using a limited palette for maximum impact. Create a total of four to five paintings, combining all three approaches at the end for a deliciously rich pastel painting of your own interpretation. Work from printed references and participate in helpful, guided class discussions that will answer all of your questions.

Expect to fall in love with this flexible, luscious medium!

Soft pastel is dry pigment compressed into a stick form. It is produced in a wide variety of hues and has been used by artists for centuries. A tactile medium, it is simple and direct to use. When you want a certain color in an area — all you do is reach for it. In fact, with pastels you are more likely to use several colors in one area. This versatile medium enables you to achieve the transparency of watercolor and the opacity of oils, depending upon how you work the medium.
In my process, I enjoy layering a soft pastel until the color is rich and illuminated, sharpening the edge where light meets shadow, and introducing unexpected hues into ordinary subject matter.

In Liz's workshops she bring reference prints for students to work from of vintage scenes, colorful dessert items, birds, sunflowers, cloudscapes, and landscapes. Each day she provides a finished pastel example and demonstrate, step by step, how she accomplished it. Daily projects include art principles, value (light & dark) planning, pastel stick handling, stroke techniques and special effects methods. For those who want to loosen up, tighten up, or both, you will have helpful critiques and class discussions on how to get there. One-on-one attention, all levels welcome.

Liz Kenyon is a signature member of the International Pastel Society and active in the Arizona Pastel Art Association. Her work is highlighted in four books: Best of Worldwide Artists, Pastel, Volume l, Best of Pastel America, Volume ll, Finding Your Visual Voice, and Pure Color: Best of Pastel Edition, and numerous publications, including: Fine Art Collectors of America, Emerging Artists, 2009, and the Pastel Journal. She has received over 40 awards from juried shows and has had seven one-woman shows.

Liz Kenyon pastel painting  
Liz Kenyon pastel painting
Liz Kenyon pastel paintings
LIz Kenyon pastel painting

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