Leah Lopez painting

Leah Lopez


Studio Painter's Guide to Success with Plein Air and Still Life

Sep. 24 - 30, 2017

Medium: Oil or Acrylic

Level: All Levels

5-Day Studio/Outdoor Class

Rates & Enrollment

Esteemed artist and private atelier founder, Leah Lopez, will be returning to provide attendees with a method for making the transition from studio painting to painting en plein air, both easy and breezy. Do both and never break a sweat or chip a nail! As Leah states, “I deeply love painting in my studio but, every now and then, I get this longing to paint whatever’s going on outside. I find the call is most present in the summer and fall, or when I’m near water and mountains, and definitely at sunset. So as not to miss these opportunities and, having a mind to make the transition from studio painting to plein air painting with ease, I developed a plan. Taking what I consider the essentials in design and painting, I’ve distilled it into a process that allows me to go from the still life, to plein air and back again, all using the same process. I’d like to share it with you these five days at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops.”

Topics that will be uncovered and demystified:
Design and Technique: composition, color, value, temperature changes, contrast, sameness, repetition, depth, edges & lost edges, brushwork, utilizing the many virtues of oils, painting light, using photographs how and when, to name a few.

Lessons take place both inside the studio and outside on location. Still life painters are welcome to bring their own props and fabrics. Landscape artists may bring photo reference, for certain exercises.

Leah Lopez, a New York City artist originally from Northern New Mexico, has combined sensitivities and influences from these divergent cultures so as to create a timelessness vividly perceived in her oil paintings. Ms. Lopez is “particularly admired for her atmospheric lighting, and for creating compositions that hint at dramatic narrative, even romance, without specifying exactly what’s happening", recently noted Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. The works are highly-regarded and displayed by collectors, museums and galleries on the continent. Leah Lopez’s paintings are often made recipient of additional honors and accommodations awarded by esteemed arts organizations. Her artwork is on continual displayed in New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Carmel, Florida, Pasadena, and Oklahoma City, also in rotating exhibitions in many other states. Leah also enjoys the privilege of mentoring and teaching new and up-and-coming artists.

Leah Lopez painting
Leah Lopez painting
Leah Lopez painting
Leah Lopez painting
Leah Lopez painting

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