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Larisa Aukon

Larisa Aukon

Power of Landscape

May 30 - June 3, 2018

Medium: Oil & Acrylic

Level: All Levels

3-Day Studio Class

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This workshop is an opportunity for students to concentrate on creating a beautiful and powerful landscape, and learn about principles of composition through the exciting process, where painting starts with the idea and gradually unfolds into a work of art.

Using landscape photo references students will learn how to choose right format and even right size for the painting and how to use structure, rhythm, and values to create dynamic compositions and will work their way to the challenging aspect of completing the painting using few simple guidelines. Along the way we will play with the colors and the brushstrokes and discover, what helps to create coherent painting and what makes it to stand out.

Expect to improve your painting technique, explore the world of color and change your view on composition. Class begins with a slide show, short guidance and demonstration and ends with the group discussion and teacher’s feedback with the rest of the class time devoted to individual instructions.

Over the last several years Larisa Aukon established herself as an accomplished painter and teacher in the US. Larisa’s education and natural talents allow her to create masterfully mixed and layered palettes, supported by a framework of balanced compositions. She fills her canvases with bold strokes of rich pigment capturing the ever changing hues of natural light. The original tones seep through later paint additions, creating depth and brilliance that have become her trademark.

Aukon received initial art training at a prestigious Art School for gifted children in her native Latvia. To be accepted she had to pass extensive academic and art exams, of which only a few were accepted. She had a full academic curriculum and up to 20 art lessons per week from the time she was 12 until graduation. Larisa was then accepted to Latvian State Academy of Fine Arts, graduating with her Master’s. 

For the last 20 years  Larisa calls Arizona her home spending time painting and teaching.

Larisa Aukon
Larisa Aukon
Larisa Aukon painting

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