Koo Schadler egg tempera painting

Koo Schadler


Egg Tempera Painting II

April 24 - 30, 2016

Medium: Egg Tempera

Level: All Levels

5-Day Studio Class


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Egg Tempera Painting II
Open to all levels of painters, from beginner to advanced.

Old as the Egyptians and most famous during the Renaissance, egg tempera painting is becoming increasingly popular with artists today. Tempera has unsurpassed luminosity. Dozens of glazes and scumbles can be applied in a day, and yet the medium also allows for meticulous linear detailing.
This comprehensive five-day workshop, taught by an internationally recognized tempera painter, offers the opportunity for in-depth work in egg tempera: students will spend five full days working on a painting of their own design. Koo will help with the initial planning stages, provide on-going discussion and critiques, give painting demonstrations, and discuss the important design elements of old master painting.

Demonstrations presented in this workshop include: painting a portrait in egg tempera; creating granite, marble, and other textured surface; decorative and geometric patterns; incised lettering; oil glazing over tempera; how to set up and photograph still life and portrait subjects; and more.

Materials fee: $60.

About the Artist
Koo Schadler is a popular workshop instructor who has taught egg tempera and old master painting classes around the US and abroad. Her exquisitely detailed egg tempera paintings and silverpoint drawings are in more than 400 private and corporate collections worldwide, and in the permanent collections of many museums. Schadler is a master painter of the Copley Society of Art in Boston, MA, a board member of The Society of Tempera Painters, and a contributing editor to The Artists’ Magazine. Her work is represented by Arden Gallery in Boston, MA. Her comprehensive book on egg tempera has been described as “one of the most concise and useful books on the art of egg tempera painting…should be on the bookshelf of every serious artist”.

Koo Schadler egg tempera painting
Koo Schadler egg tempera painting

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