Koo Schadler painting

Koo Schadler


Portraits in Egg Tempera

September 8 - 14, 2013

Medium: Egg Tempera
Level: All Levels
5-Day Studio Class

Egg tempera is renown for its luminosity, making it an ideal medium for rendering the human face.  In this workshop you will learn every step of how to develop a portrait in egg tempera, with ongoing individual instruction and critiques from Koo.  Koo explains the traditional Old Master palette used to develop flesh tones.  She will also work on a painting of her own, so you can see firsthand how she develops her egg tempera portraits.  The workshop includes a photography session in which you learn how to light and pose a model, to create visually strong photographs that already look like beautifully designed paintings.  You may work from your own photographs, from photos supplied by Koo, or from a copy of an Old Master egg tempera portrait.

Open to all levels of painters, from beginner to advanced.  A demonstration on the essentials of working in egg tempera will be provided for beginning students. 

Materials fee:  $60.

Experienced egg tempera students may forgo the materials fee if they provide all of their own supplies.
Koo Schadler egg tempera portrait

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