Oil painting by Kim English

Kim English

Capturing the Moment

Aug. 6 - 12, 2017

Medium: Oil

Level: Intermediate and Advanced

5-Day Outdoor Class

Kim English’s award-winning paintings capture the moments of everyday life. A faculty member at the Rocky Mountain School of Art, he teaches workshops throughout the Mountain States and finds inspiration traveling worldwide. About his direct, quick-sketch approach, he says, “Immediacy is important not only because it is often the nature of people, but for me, it is the most instinctive way to paint. The process is like a performance. It’s the magic of spontaneous work combined with a candid observation of society.”

Kim’s class concentrates on painting quickly and accurately, a skill which can be useful in many situations. The daily demonstrations, critiques, and review of your work will be directed at achieving a spontaneous yet controlled result; the key to capturing the moment. The subject matter will be the clothed figure in the landscape. Numerous small studies will be created each day.

Models will be used each day and there is a $74 model fee for this workshop.

Kim English oil painting Read our interview with Kim English on our blog!
Kim English oil painting
Kim English oil painting

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