Kenn Backhaus

Kenn Backhaus

Composition and Brushwork

Oct. 7 - 13, 2012

Medium: Oil

Level: All Levels
5-Day Outdoor/Studio Class

American Artist, Kenn Backhaus has been an active professional artist for over thirty-five years. He began his art career as a professional illustrator and designer. His commercial successes earned him many regional and national awards. In the mid 1980’s Kenn’s desires, lead his artistic ambitions to the fine art profession. Painting and studying from direct observation gave him a better understanding of the effects of natural light on the diverse subjects he chooses to paint.  Just as his success in the commercial field, Kenn has received many awards for his efforts in the Fine Art profession including some of the coveted, Best of Show, Artist Choice and Collectors Choice award.

Kenn has been sharing his developed skill and knowledge through workshops for over ten years.  Over this period his teaching of the main artistic principals and foundations though his method of building upon the last days lesson has helped lead to many successful artists.  He now brings to the workshop educational market, a series of specialty workshops devoted to specific areas of the artist’s crucial development.

This workshop will heighten the artist’s awareness and help in developing the skills and faculties that will take the student to that next essential level.  Kenn has realized that in order to develop one’s artistic skills and faculties the study and respect of nature is a life-long ambition.  If you share this same philosophy, join him in this first series of special workshops. 

Kenn Backhaus
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