Kathyanne White


Digital Printing on Alternative Surfaces

April 27 - May 3, 2014

Medium: Mixed Media
Level: All Levels
5-Day Studio Class

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It’s time to get truly creative with digital printing. Here is a workshop to discover new ideas and find ways to combine digital printing with your art. This workshop is designed to be innovative, unique and experiential. If you want to bring your art to a different level this is the place for you. Whether you want to create totally new work or bring your present work to a new level it is up to you.

There is no end to the types of surfaces or artwork you are inspired to create when using digital images in your work. This workshop is designed for you to get creative in new and unusual ways. Better yet it takes an amazing concept—digital printing alternative surfaces on levels and layers to create art work. We will be assembling your printing process into your artwork. All the printing surfaces, inks, precoats and other related supplies will be provided in the student supply fee. There will also be a stash of items and tools for students to use.

This is an entirely new workshop designed to take your digital images along with your art to an entirely new level. Join us for 5 days to get creative and move your artwork to a new level using the digital medium.

$65 materials fee

Kathyanne supplies:
Everything for the print process including surfaces, ink, base to build surfaces on, tapes, scissors, cutting board, rotary cutter, teflon sheets for pressing foam brushes for precoats, precoats, carrier sheets, temporary spray adhesive and anything else we may need to print.


Kathyanne White mixed media

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I love it when students are excited and they find something that inspires them during a workshop. Workshops for me are about the process and not the finished product. I love to teach techniques and ways for the students to expand their own work. It's wonderful to see what they come up with that suits them. - Kathyanne White

Kathyanne White mixed media

Paul Leveille - Paul George - Tony van Hasselt - David Daniels(Collage) - David Daniels (Watercolor)
Alvaro Castagnet (2017) - Kim English - Retreat Week 2017 - Ann Lindsay - David Taylor
Leah Lopez - Skip Lawrence - John MacDonald - Fran Skiles