Karen Rosasco mixed media painting

Karen Rosasco


Abstraction by Design

June 19 - 25, 2016

Medium: Watermedia / Fluid Acrylics

Level: All Levels
5-Day Studio Class

Karen Rosasco's watermedia exploration and design class focuses on the completion of paintings started in the first two days of experimentation with color, texture and collage. After accumulating a pile of 6 - 10  exciting starts the class will study composition, value, focal point and line work to bring the paintings to a satisfactory finish. Everyone will go home with at least 4- 8 paintings ready for a frame and many will be ready for a juried show. There are demos every day along with individual critiques with class critiques beginning on Wednesday. With the emphasis on design the individual student may compete his work to a realistic, impressionistic or abstract finish. Each student is encouraged to retain his own style while searching for the best design solution to his energized start.

Workshop Daily Sample Schedule and Topics

Day One
prepare three sheets of paper for the afternoon
Start 1: Demo of three starts with liquid acrylics
Design work with shapes and values from B&W newspaper photos
Review compositional possibilities - Gesso veils and shaping

Day Two
Start 2: Powdered charcoal
Discussion and demo of ways to continue
Start 3: Big dark
Design work with color harmony and focal points
Start 4: Drag

Day Three
Start 5: Collage
Start 6: Gel textures
Start 7: Crayon, wax, glue, paint
Design work with transitions and line work
Finish started work
Find a direction, size, content or concept, integrate shapes, modify colors
Critique of one painting

Day Four
Continue finishing work
Add texture, gesso, stamping, soft touches, line work
Find a figure, make a border, overlap shapes, build up depth, use grids
Critique of two paintings

Day Five
Finishing paintings - Look for relationships: quiet versus texture, warm versus cool, big versus small, hard edges versus soft edges, geometric versus organic, make little marks
2 PM final critique

Karen Rosasco mixed media painting
Karen Rosasco mixed media painting

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