Judi Betts

Judi Betts


Luminous Watercolor

Aug. 26 - Sept. 1, 2012

Medium: Watercolor

Level: All Levels
5-Day Studio Class

Judi Betts is an internationally respected artist, juror, and instructor. She’s the author several books, including the award winning Watercolor . . . . Let’s Think About It!

Judi Betts is a sharing, fun loving person whose paintings emit those qualities. Judi says, “Art is more than skill”; and this workshop will share her thoughts as they relate to the important concepts of art. Judi will focus on thinking and learning which ignites the ever elusive “spark of an idea.”  This course is designed to be fun while you learn with a master of luminosity whose signature is “SPARKLE.” There will be daily demonstrations. You will share the experience of drawing and painting with an emphasis on technique, color concepts, design and creativity.  Judi will help you to explore some unconventional three-dimensional techniques. Judi does not impose her way of working on others, but encourages the strengths of each individual as they pursue their own goals. The aim of the workshop is to  expand, explore, and challenge each artist, no matter their level of experience. Personalized, daily individual guidance and evaluation is given to all participants. You are encouraged to bring a few finished paintings or slides for individual review. Each day Judi presents a challenge, often using it as an element of surprise.

Judi Betts
Judi Betts
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