Jane Davies collage painting

Jane Davies


Visual Improvisation

May 7 - 13, 2017

Medium: Acrylic Collage & Drawing

Level: Advanced Beginner and Up

5-Day Studio Class

Rates & Enrollment

Use acrylic paints, collage, and drawing materials to explore a visual world beyond the usual design principles and concerns of composition. Let go of Rules and Expectations and discover what is unique about you as an artist. If you’ve ever tried this, you’ll know that it is SO much more easily said than done. How do you silence the voices that tell you that you have to Get It Right? If you paint without concern for color theory or accurate representation will you just make a mess? In this workshop we’ll take a broader view of composition, and you will gain the tools to create in a more personal voice.

Jane uses the term “improvisation” to describe this approach because it is very much like playing a solo in jazz: In a typical jazz solo, the musician makes up a melody as she goes along, over a set of chord changes that define the song. In “free jazz”, you can make it up without the underlying chord progression. We’ll begin with an underlying structure so that you can create variations on a theme; then we’ll move to a broader kind of visual improvisation where you get to compose-as-you-go in every aspect of the painting.

This workshop is open to those with some experience. If you are familiar with acrylic painting materials and have basic knowledge of color mixing, you qualify.

Jane Davies collage painting
Jane Davies collage painting
Jane Davies collage painting
Jane Davies collage painting

Lisa Pressman - Susan Ogilvie - Jane Davies - Barbara Nechis - Patti Mollica - Robert Burridge
Liz Kenyon - Paul Leveille - Paul George - Tony van Hasselt - David Daniels(Collage) - David Daniels (Watercolor)
Alvaro Castagnet (2017) - Kim English - Retreat Week 2017 - Ann Lindsay - David Taylor
Leah Lopez - Skip Lawrence - John MacDonald - Fran Skiles