Howard Rose

Howard Rose

Oil Painting Landscapes & Still Life

August 1 - 5, 2018

Medium: Oil
Level: All Levels
3-Day Outdoors/Studio Class

Learning the art of oil painting, can fill up volumes of books. Over the years of teaching and
painting I have organized some very simple and logical steps to start and finish a painting. One
of the main ideas of learning to paint is a simple rule of “slow and accurate.” Don't go onto
the next step until each step is accurate along the way; design, drawing, perspective, color and
value. There are also very simple ways to start a painting, first seeing the large shapes that
make up an image, and breaking down the design from large shapes to small detailed shapes
to finish the design. We will paint plein air as well as setting up still life's in the studio.
We also work with a limited palette and a limited amount of brushes to also keep the process
as simple as can be.

Howard Rose oil painting
Howard Rose oil painting
Howard Rose oil painting

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