watermedia painting by Gerald Brommer

Gerald Brommer

Developing Unique Surface for Watermedia Work

Jul. 16 - 22, 2017

Medium: Watermedia
Level: All Levels
5-Day Studio Class

Rates & Enrollment

This new workshop emphasizes the development and use of incredibly rich, textured surfaces. "Build" becomes a key word, because the uniqueness of the surfaces lies in the variety of materials gathered for use in the process. Anything is usable: papers, fabrics, metals, cardboard, washi, paper towels, napkins, dried flowers, wood, string, lace and so on. Once this exciting surface is developed it is covered with white gesso and allowed time to dry.

Color can be applied with either transparent watercolor or acrylic paint - or both - or with other stuff. The sky is the limit!!! For painting, any type of image is appropriate from realism, to abstraction, to nonobjective materials. The entire process is incredibly exciting and challenging, and is a new and unexplored direction in watermedia work.

For his art training, Jerry attended Otis Art Institute, Chouinard Art Institute, UCLA and USC. He is completely involved in art as an innovative watercolor and acrylic painter, collagist, teacher, author and juror. He has written more than 22 books for high school and college art classes, on a wide range of art subjects. He has also edited many high school and college texts and resource books for teachers. His books are published by Davis Publications of Worcester, Massachusetts; by Watson-Guptill Publishers of New York City; and by International Artist of Sydney, Australia.

He has won awards in most national competitive watercolor shows and has had over 170 one-man shows from Alaska to Florida. He juries several national watercolor shows and regional exhibits each year and his own work is in over 4900 private and permanent collections in 44 states and nine overseas countries. His biography is listed in every major Who's Who in England and America.

After 26 years of teaching high school art, he continues his teaching activities by leading workshops in all parts of this country and overseas. He is a Life Member and Past President of the National Watercolor Society, and a member of many other art organizations. His work has appeared in numerous books as well as in American Artist, Southwest Art, The Artist's Magazine, International Artist, Watercolor Magic, Watercolor, American Art Collector and other national art magazines in America, England, Belgium and Australia.

Gerald Brommer watermedia painting
Gerald Brommer watermedia painting
Gerald Brommer watermedia painting
Gerald Brommer mixed media painting

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