Fran Skiles mixed media painting

Fran Skiles

Paper Collage

Oct. 15 - 21, 2017

Medium: Mixed Media

Level: All Levels

5-Day Studio Class

Rates & Enrollment

This five-day workshop emphasizes the process involved in creating semi rigid paper collages. Participants are encouraged to work intuitively using a sewing machine (optional), watercolor paper, Japanese and Chinese paper, acrylic ink, photography and acrylic paint. Students will work with and have demonstrations in painting, mono-printing, silk-screen, copy paper bonding, plus other techniques.  These studies may become completed projects and/or works-in-progress. The class includes demonstrations, group discussions and individual critiques. All levels.

Class Materials Fee - $40.00
Includes Golden Fluid acrylic paint, Daniel Smith Relief Inks, Japanese and Chinese papers, bamboo pens and backup supplies listed above.


Fran Skiles was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She graduated from West Virginia University
with a BA degree in textile design.

She is a full time studio artist, working in Florida and West Virginia. In addition to her art practice she teaches and lectures throughout the United States giving workshops in paper and fabric collage.

In the 1990’s, before making collage paintings, Fran made art quilts and exhibited them Nationally and Internationally. The venues included Quilt National, best of show 97’,  Visions, Quilt San Diego, British Craft Council’s “American Art Quilt Exhibition, Fiber Arts International and Art Quilts; America of the Millennium in Strasbourg, France


Fran Skiles mixed media painting
Fran Skiles mixed media painting
Fran Skiles mixed media painting
Fran Skiles mixed media painting
Fran Skiles mixed media painting

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