Fabio Cembranelli painting

Fabio Cembranelli


Capture the Fundamental Essence in Watercolor

July 15 - 21, 2018

Medium: Watercolor

Level: All Levels

5-Day Studio Class

Rates & Enrollment

Fabio Cembranelli will guide artists in developing loose and spontaneous watercolor techniques enhancing their own personal approach. The topics he covers are wet on wet techniques, paintingn on damp paper, the importance of the white of the paper, how to create an attractive focal point, how to capture the beauty and freshness of flowers, light and shadow effects on walls, doors, windows, and balconies, and water reflections shadow effects, and boats!

There will be daily demonstration paintings followed by plenty of individual attention.

Fabio will also conduct critique sessions.

Fábio Cembranelli, a renowned Brazilian artist, started painting at university, where he studied architecture. His paintings have been featured in exhibitions and collections worldwide and his unique and luminous floral watercolors are known internationally.

Explaining why he has chosen transparent watercolour as his favorite medium, he says, "What compels me to paint with this approach is the possibility of painting quickly. It suits my personality best -- the fluidity of the medium provides a unique sensation of unexpected colour mixing, particularly when I define only the main masses and allow the unpredictable to happen on the rest of the paper. Timing is quite important in my method. I lean intuitively toward realism, but the right speed forces me to create diffused effects and shapes. I love painting flowers and landscapes in watercolour and I'm always enchanted by the attempt to capture the contrast between loose and definitive edges, as well as light and shadow effects.”

When he paints he aims to take the essential of each subject through his own interpretation. It`s like a personal subject depiction that will result in an unique work.

Fabio Cembranelli painting
Fabio Cembranelli painting
Fabio Cembranelli artisti
Fabio Cembranelli painting

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