Ellen Gavin painting

Ellen Gavin


Painterly Oils of Horses and Dogs

June 29 - July 2, 2013

Medium: Oil
Level: All Levels
3-Day Studio Class

Ellen A. Gavin’s equestrian paintings have been widely exhibited, awarded & collected. Her energetic  painting style – is reflected in her teaching philosophy.

In this fast paced workshop, learn to fearlessly explore a fresh approach to oil painting. Emphasis on mixing color, value, composition. Horses, figures and dogs will be the main subjects, stressing movement & expression. You can keep the anatomy and avoid getting ‘too tight’. This is primarily a studio workshop, working from photos, though working from life will be discussed.   

Artist’s Statement

I don’t know what came first, my love of horses … or my love of art.

As a child I wanted a pony. But perhaps because it was dream was deferred, or maybe, just because I could – I drew mostly horses from the age of 4 ‘til high school. As child I indulged in a rich fantasy life of horse ownership. My imagination-based drawings were fueled by intense observation…at least for a 7 year old. I remember trying to figure out “how the hind legs worked” by watching the Diving Horse at Steel Pier… and all those TV Westerns.

Eventually I received a BFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, and moved to New York. Took the practical route and enjoyed a successful commercial art career designing packaging for the cosmetics industry and.…Finally bought a horse. Well, three actually and showed Hunters and Equitation for years

Although I have been painting consistently my whole life…in 2001 began to paint full time, opening my Studio / Gallery in Millville New Jersey. From. Member of the American Academy of Equine Art (03/09) won the 2006 Museum Directors Award. In 2005 & 2003 the Sporting Art Award. I also regularly show work at Devon and other horse events in NJ, PA and MD, and have been feature several times on the national publication The Chronicle of the Horse.

Ellen Gavin painting
Ellen Gavin painting

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