Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson collage

St Hilaire Nelson


Paper Collage

May 29 - June 1, 2014

Medium: Mixed Media
Level: All Levels
3-Day Studio Class

This class is an intense workshop in which students are taught a unique figurative collage technique. Students will explore hand painting their own collage papers with a variety of techniques and collage application. Emphasis will be on developing form using light and shadow, just like in traditional painting techniques. No prior collage experience is necessary. Some painting would be helpful, but not imperative.


Class participants will truly enjoy splattering, stamping, printing, dry brushing, crumpling and staining papers. Appropriate papers include old book pages, maps, personal ephemera, rice paper and store bought art papers. Hand painted papers will then be applied overtop an under-painting (done
at home as class preparation) in a painterly manner. Collage application will be demonstrated through viewing slides of St. Hilaire Nelson’s work as well as a hands-on demonstration in class.
The emphasis will be on developing form using light, shadow, and directional ripping. Students start with the “Small Apple Exercise” in order to get a handle on creating volume and dimension with a simple sphere shape. After completion of the “Small Apple Exercise” students will advance to a second subject of their choosing.

Meticulously torn bits of hand-painted papers, delicately put together, form the exceptionally vibrant collages created by Artist Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson. Richard Colvin, curator for the Maitland Art Center says, “Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson’s artworks have a fresh quality that belies the way they are constructed.”

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson, born and raised in New England, has lived in Central Florida for the past 17 years. She holds a B.F.A. in advertising design from Syracuse University, in Syracuse, New York. St. Hilaire Nelson is a Signature Member of the National Collage Society and the Atlanta Collage Society. Elizabeth has recently been published in the Cloth Paper Scissors Book Techniques and Inspiration for
Creating Mixed-Media Art.

ST. HILAIRE NELSON has been teaching her Paper Paintings workshop across the country as well as internationally for the past five years.

Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson collage
Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson

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