David Taylor painting

David Taylor

Breaking New Ground with Watercolor

September 15 - 21, 2013

Medium: Watercolor
Level: Intermediate and Advanced
5-Day Outdoor Class

This is an ideal opportunity to extend your knowledge and move further ahead in watercolor painting .
The class will learn to develop skills in producing fine works from outdoor painting. You will persevere to improve attempts that didnt all go to plan, technique will be talked freely about, the need for freshness and fluidity, and the essence of individuality. Composition, color, and materials used come in to the class activity, as well.

David provides each art lover additional skills to gain confidence and move further ahead. The class will work on site, weather permitting, at least for part  of each day not far away on wonderful locations. Work will be finished in studio, where necessary, and reviews of work discussed constructively.
The search for excellence will be of prime importance and this will be conducted in a friendly warm atmosphere with lots of sharing of ideas and a positive attitude for greater results.

David has recently won three major awards in watercolor and judged in China, his visits took him there on three occasions. He is renowned worldwide for his Painting and Teaching and has returned once again to serve with us and share his new visions.

David Taylor painting

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