David Dunlop painting

David Dunlop


New Directions in Landscape Painting

July 22 - 28, 2018

Medium: Watercolor, Oil, or Acrylic

Level: All Levels

5-Day Outdoor Class

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This week of plein air painting will include new directions, techniques and tools for landscape painters. We will work from the panoramic to the close-up with a study of micro environments and subjects. We will invest your artwork with novel and infinite, complex patterns and textures in oil, watercolor and acrylics. Your instructor will demonstrate varieties of new tools, rubber rollers, squeegees, direct transfer techniques like decalcomania and other forms of mono-printing your images without a press to discover many new patterns and textures in your artwork. These novel techniques will serve abstract as well as representational artists as we learn how to work with new materials and methods.

David Dunlop will demonstrate antique techniques borrowed from stained glass, mosaics and jewelry to create new expressions for flowers, wild landscapes, and other natural subjects. The techniques of micromosaics, cloisonné, and translucent stained glass tinting will give new methods and new looks to your paintings. Learn new ways to use transparent color, simultaneous and successive contrast and proportional color balancing in your work. Here is an opportunity to expand your technical range and discover new pathways for expression with your materials.

Learn alternative techniques for presenting the complex textures and patterns found in meadow grasses, thick forests, dynamic weather patterns and intimate sun-dappled glens. David will demonstrate the lessons of the Hudson River artists of the 19th century and their influences like Claude Lorraine and J.M.W. Turner. Then, as we move through the 19th century we learn the origins and techniques of Luminism. We will proceed into the 21st century to explore varieties of new visions for landscape painting including alternate forms of landscape representation and abstraction.

As we visit different locations David will demonstrate these new methods in watercolor, oil and acrylic and mixed media. Every day he will work individually with participating artists to help them advance their skills and discover broader horizons.

David Dunlop is a modern-day old master whose luminous landscapes draw from both Renaissance techniques and contemporary science.  His paintings have been shown internationally and are held in the collections of major corporations including Aetna Insurance, Citibank, Colgate Palmolive, Delta Airlines, GE Capital Corporation, IBM, Mobil and more. Galleries and institutions have granted David solo shows since 1981.

Artist, lecturer and teacher David Dunlop is the engaging host and Emmy Award-winning writer of the 13-episode PBS television series Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop, which debuted to great success in June 2008. The Series was awarded a 2009 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Writing and a CINE Golden Eagle Award for excellence in television production.

David Dunlop painting
David Dunlop painting
David Dunlop painting

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