David Dunlop

David Dunlop


Landscapes Through Time and on Location

July 20 - 26, 2014

Medium: Watercolor, Oil, or Acrylic

Level: All Levels
5-Day Outdoor Class

This workshop recreates the techniques and ideas of  200 years of art history,  from past to the present. You'll begin by time traveling with David Dunlop back to the genesis of the Hudson River painters in the early 1800s. We visit the vistas and intimate settings which inspired them. We set our easels where they set theirs.   Your instructor will show you  how they captured nature in their oil and watercolor sketches and, how they prepared their finished works and, explain how they thought about making  paintings.  As our week progresses we will  move through art history from the techniques and locations of the Hudson River Painters to the  later Luminists as they were inspired by the late works of Turner, then  Tonalists like Corot, and then the Impressionists like John Singer Sargent.  Your instructor will demonstrate their techniques in front of the their landscape motifs using their tools and palettes . 

As the week concludes your instructor  will demonstrate expressionist landscape painting techniques of the early 20th century with artists like George Bellows.  Finally, we continue the art  journey into the 21st century as your instructor demonstrates  new tools, new surfaces, new palettes, new pigments and new criteria for landscape painting as we how see abstraction joined to  representation. This is a workshop dedicated to  showing you historic and contemporary techniques in landscape painting using a variety of materials, from oils to watercolors to acrylics to oil and acrylic inks, from the historic uses of  materials to introducing new surfaces, new pigments and tools.  Experience the pleasure of   painting  nature  while acquiring old and new ideas. Your instructor gives a talk/demonstration for an hour at the beginning of every day and then works individually with each artist.

David Dunlop painting
David Dunlop

Leah Lopez - Margaret Dyer - Lorenzo Chavez - Barbara Nechis - Patti Mollica
Paul George - Liz Kenyon - Karen Rosasco - Paul Leveille - David Daniels - Susan Ogilvie
Frank Francese - Alvaro Castagnet - Gerald Brommer - Kim English - Tony van Hasselt
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