David Daniels watercolor painting

David Daniels


Watercolor Studio

Jul. 23 - 29, 2017

Medium: Watercolor
Level: All Levels
5-Day Studio Class

Rates & Enrollment

Watercolor paintings can be so much more than a checklist of watercolor technique. David goes beyond the basics of paint application, and teaches how to construct strong, vibrant, personality filled paintings. Without learning fundamentals a great idea cannot be fulfilled to its potential. Technique is very important to this discipline, but it is the composition of your painting that will engage your viewer. When strong compositions and thoughtful technique are combined, it is an unbeatable combination. David shows how to carefully construct a watercolor using preliminary sketches and value studies. David will also demonstrate his methods of using multiple glazes of wet-into-wet passages to achieve unsurpassed brilliance as well as the use of masking agents to achieve jewel-like clarity.

David strongly believes that planning does not destroy spontaneity but rather creates opportunities. The process described above allows for stronger compositions, and therefore, stronger paintings. David wants participants to become aware that they are creating a work of art, not just applying paint to paper.

David Daniels is the watercolor instructor for the Smithsonian Institution of Washington, DC.   He is also a Professor of Painting at Montgomery College in Rockville MD, as well as teaching workshops around the world. His interactive approach and humor are often recognized as his strongest teaching tools. 

David Daniels watercolor painting
David Daniels watercolor painting
David Daniels watercolor painting

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