Christine Camilleri painting

Christine Camilleri, IAPS/MC

Let's Boss Around Color & Composition Can Be Fun!

April 29 - May 5, 2018

Medium: All Media Welcome

Level: All Levels

5-Day Studio Class

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Let’s Boss Around Colour!

Many artists are afraid to turn up the color volume in their paintings. Or maybe they turn up the volume too much and the viewer does not know where to look because of the “noise” level! Most artists become stuck painting only the colors they see and are missing out on taking their work to the next level — and to making artistic statements. We all love color and what is painting without color? At the same time we need to control those color passions and make them work for us.

This workshop will help you bring more creative interest to your work no matter what subject matter you enjoy painting. During our time together we will also touch on these foundational topics as they relate to color: harmony, values, underpainting and the power of greys. There will be many exercises designed to ground your learning by doing!

There will also be time to work on your own paintings with plenty of support as you gain insight into a new way of looking at and bossing around color.

Composition Can Be Fun!

Good composition makes your paintings stand out. Whether a painting is a still life, a landscape, wildlife, people, or an abstract — the underlying structure holds the painting together. Knowing compositional design tools can make you more creative, not less. You’ll also spend more time painting and less on fixing!

Together we will identify the compositional and design tools at your disposal and put you in the designer seat. You’ll be able to focus on telling your story and use the best tools to make that story speak for itself! Among many things we will learn how to make Notans and thumbnails using photo references. You’ll find out how to use line, shape, values, colors, textures and so much more to help your creative story take shape. Yes, you can be the designer of your paintings and you don’t have to slavishly stick to the photo or plein aire reference and my goal is to free your inner artist. You’ll learn by doing and work on your own paintings to strengthen your compositional skills.

Think this is a dry subject? Think again as we have some fun with composition! Lastly, composition is easily acquired…it just takes some know - how and practice!

Comments from this (and other) workshops (used with permission):

“Your workshop on color was just as inspiring as it was clarifying. The value study techniques and limited palette exercises you guided us through are ones that I will adapt in my painting process from now on and it made the decision making so much easier. I really believe that it will increase the success rate of my paintings…most of all thank you for releasing me from a local color!!!” Susan T.

“Your comments were encouraging and meaningful. It is clear you enjoy teaching and were generous in sharing your extensive knowledge.”

“Christine was very clear about what she wanted us to learn and her examples and demonstrations were excellent. She was very generous with her time and materials.”
Beth Jackson.

“Best color theory course I've ever taken.” A. Wiley

“Really loved the workshop you are a very good teacher” Pat Lindley

“Composition is difficult to grasp yet Christine made it very clear and easy to use. I was able to (finally) learn what makes a painting stand out and things I can use to do that in my own paintings. Thank you so much!” Diane B

Christine Camilleri’s studio, “Summer Light”, is a step outside of her home in Chilliwack, British Columbia, in the Fraser Valley, a little over an hour's drive from Vancouver, Canada. Christine has enjoyed drawing and painting since she was old enough to hold a crayon.

She is an Associate Signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA) and a Master Signature member of the Pastel Artists of Canada (MPAC).

Christine recently received MASTER CIRCLE status with IAPS, the Int'l Assn of Pastel Societies. This honor is given to artists who have had work accepted and/or been given awards in 5 IAPS Exhibitions.  

She creates west coast scenes, paintings with western themes, contemplative landscapes and wildlife paintings. To date her greatest accomplishment has been having her painting “Summer Pastures” accepted as a finalist out of 14,000 entrants in the Artists Magazine 26th International Competition in 2009.
She enjoys working in different media such as oils and acrylics but her special love is reserved for pastels and she is a strong advocate for the medium.

Christine Camilleri
Christine Camilleri
Christine Camilleri
Christine Camilleri

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