Carol Marine

Carol Marine

Daily Paintings in Oil

June 10 - 16, 2012

Medium: Oil
Level: All Levels
5-Day Studio Class

Whether you are painting for a living or hobby, painting small and often is a powerful way to rapidly improve your skills. There is a fast growing group of people, called daily painters, who do small paintings every day, post photographs of their paintings on a blog, and then sell them through eBay, with a usual starting price of $100. In this way, many artists are finding they can grow quickly in skill and finally make a living with their art, after struggling for years in galleries and at art fairs.

We will spend most of our time on the basic principles of design – the rules of composition, value, color, and shape – and how to apply them to small still lives. We will then experiment with color relationships using an alternative to the traditional color wheel, explore color mixing, and how each color “leans” towards others. We will push our compositions to avoid the “floating” objects and learn the one, simple rule to avoid a boring still life. Throughout, there will be demos with handouts and one-on-one critiques.

Finally, we will learn how to set up a daily painting blog, the in’s and out’s of ebay, marketing your work, etc. There will be reference material on this to take home.

Class limit 16

Carol Marine

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