watercolor painting by Alvaro Castagnet

Alvaro Castagnet


Impressionist Approach to Watercolor

July 19 - 25, 2015

Medium: Watercolor

Level: Intermediate and Advanced
5-Day Outdoor/Studio Class

If you are seeking further insight into this magic medium, this course will provide solutions to all your questions.
Alvaro will explain all aspects of successful painting using demonstrations and detailed analysis. He covers a full range of subject matter, from simpler compositions of seascapes and landscapes, to street scenes and interiors.

You will learn how to recognize major shapes, draw, understand tone, place figures in your work and master techniques from dry brush to wet-on-wet.

He will reveal the secrets of painting into the light, creating a variety of edges from soft to hard and many other helpful hints designed to help you reach new heights of artistic ability.

You will paint with confidence and new found enthusiasm.

Alvaro is a very helpful and encouraging artist, students do need to have good basic skills in handling watercolor for this course.

His flamboyant style, lively personality and superb teaching make him a perennial favorite with artists of all levels.

watercolor painting by Alvaro Castagnet
watercolor painting by Alvaro Castagnet

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